[BREAKING NEWS] Why Do Nigerian Artistes “Jump” On The “Remix” Of A Song Only When It Becomes A Hit ?

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There is no denying the fact that the Nigerian music industry
is blessed with so many talented artists and maybe that is
why the industry is divided into the categories of the A, B,
C…… list of artists that ply their trades within it. For so many
years within the industry, many of the industry ‘giants’ have
dished out hit songs that shook the industry and even outside
of it, while these artists at some point in time have found it
and still find it so difficult to even put out songs that could
replicate the success of the hit ones they already cleared from
their unreleased list, thereby making them feel the heat of
fast becoming irrelevant, which eventually leads them to
feature on songs that as at the time of their ordeal; are
making serious ‘wave’ and enjoying exceptional massive

In recent years, the level of competition that has graced the
Nigerian music industry has been nothing short of
impressive. We’ve had “break out stars” storm the Nigerian
music industry with their enormous talents to the extent that
even the established one’s jitter and do everything within
their capabilities not to be outshone by these young guns. But
the recent deeds of some of the ‘giants’ have now proven the
fact they have accepted that in order for them to continue to
stay relevant, they need to jump on buzzing hit songs, which
are mostly sung by these young ones.

Although I am not denying the fact that having these artists
feature on a hit song could be as a result of likeness for the
song in particular, or just for some music exercise or even for
some sort of strategy in order to buy them time before their
own song(s) are put together for a release. However, if you
have to dig technically deeper into their reasons, you will still
come to terms with the fact that these moves by them still
boils down to staying on the radar of music fans.
Davido in 2016, contacted Humble Smith in order to be
featured on the remix of his hit single; “Osinachi”, which
became a greater hit than its first version, and then went on
to be one of the biggest songs of 2016. Though this was a big
deal for Humble Smith, it was a bigger one for Davido because
of the frustration and challenges his career went through
within that year. Also, Tiwa Savage in 2014 ‘jumped’ on the
remix of Patoranking ’s hit single; “ Girlie O” . Prior to that
remix, Tiwa Savage was a victim of Yemi Alade ’s rise in the
industry. Yemi was doing well with her monster hit;
“Johnny”, thereby causing fans to shift their gaze away from
Tiwa Savage, but after her feature on “Girlie O”; fans’
attention was drawn back to her and that song has since set
her back on a path to continuous glory.

Conclusively, being the toast of music lovers for very long
periods has been the dream of every Nigerian artiste; but it
has continued to be established in recent time that with the
serious level of competition hitting the Nigerian music
industry, it is being a difficult thing to get hold of, which is
evidently seen in the decline of many artists who I term as
“one or two hits artistes” that had sudden rise to stardom and
sudden extermination, and this is why other artists have
resulted in featuring on hit songs to keeping them safe from
the danger of irrelevance.

From :- Naijaseason-News (NN)

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